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This makes it easier for you to browse, e.g. not having to enter the same information every time. These cookies also provide us with information to improve our sites (surfing behaviour), but this information is anonymous. Accepting cookies is necessary to be able to use the site optimally. If you don’t, the site can sometimes look strange…

We use the following cookies:

-Google Analytics (analytical cookies): these provide us with information about visitors’ browsing behaviour (anonymously). This allows us to see which pages are visited, which are less, so we can improve our site for you as visitors. Google does not share any anonymous information of your visits with third parties. Google’s cookies are deleted after a maximum of 2 years. You can also delete cookies in your browser if you wish: this can be done in your browser settings, by deleting your history. Please note that you will then have to re-enter your passwords in all websites, reset your language choices.

Privacy policy:

Your privacy is really important to us. Vossebergen does not share customer, visitor or prospect data with third parties.  If you fill in a form, your details will be placed in a file that can be used for our own marketing purposes, provided you have given your express consent.

You can view, change or request deletion of this data at any time.

Your details will be kept for two years after contact, and extended by two years each time you purchase/use our services.

Vossebergen makes every effort to protect your data in the best possible way.

Anyone has the right to file a complaint with the Privacy Committee if they believe Vossebergen is in breach of privacy regulations ( Legal framework of this privacy statement is the GDPR.